Best Truck GPS [Unbiased Buying Guide]

Best Truck GPS : A Must to Buy In 2021

Many people think that trucking is an easy business, which is just about getting from one place to another with efficiency. Truckers may also fall short when they do not know the right paths and difficulties to reach their destinations. Of course, GPS navigation solutions have been a great help, but these solutions may also come to be wrong, especially when it comes to trucking. Low bridges, weather changes, weight restrictions, rest stops, availability of the truck parking, and HOS or ELD compliance are some challenges that truckers come through while on the roads.

If we talk about the most competitive industries in America, they seem efficiency as a big difference between losses and profits. This is why it is vital to have the right truck GPS navigation for a truck, which can help a trucker to meet deadlines and goals without any hassle that eventually boosts the efficiency of a business. 

While choosing a truck GPS solution, there are many things you need to consider. Firstly, it would be better if you understand some essential things, like what is GPS navigation and how does this system work, how a truck-specific GPS navigation is different, what are its benefits, etc.

Best Truck GPS


Garmin dezl OTR700

It is one of the best GPS Truck Navigators that one can buy in the USA. It has a big 7 inches touchscreen that can be easily read with a crisp, bright, and high-resolution display. If you need custom truck routing, then it will provide you, but not all the areas, this feature may depend on the weight and size of your truck. All you need to do is to enter your truck profile that may include its height, length, weight, width, and lethal materials. This way, you can discover truck-preferred routes according to your truck’s load and rig. You will be able to see alerts for upcoming sharp curves, bridge heights, railroad crossings, speed changes, and a lot more. Along your route, you can view parking information that suits to your truck.

There is a preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory in this navigation system, which will let you filter truck stops by amenities or brand, like if you need a shower or a refuel for your truck. Its other features include premium load-to-dock guidance for storage lots or loading zones when you are reaching your destination (provide support and tell where you need to go), voice assistant to help you communicate with the dezl navigator without moving your hands, etc. It works with Garmin eLog compliant ELD that is sold individually for subscription-free hours of service recording. It also helps you to see well-known routes followed by fellow truckers, which makes navigation easier to new areas and boost situational awareness.

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

This GPS system has a 7 inch high-definition and vibrant screen. It comes with an extended range of Wi-Fi connected services, including weather and prices of fuel. It has an easy-to-use interface that is designed for drivers and gives you enhanced maps. It runs on Quad core processor and you will get two times storage space that will help you make faster calculations related to routes. Its IntelliRoute feature provides with lane guidance so that you can get ready for an approaching turn or crossing a complex intersection. It consists of 35 percent more truck routing information as compared to other GPS systems in the market. It allows truck drivers to test it for endless hours.

Its interesting features involve free lifetime map updates, truck-specific routing, advanced lane guidance and lane assist, audio out capability (a driver can route his device sound via a truck audio system), electronic driver logs, a driver scorecard (displays MPG, miles, idling and fault codes of vehicles), electronic driver vehicle inspection reporting, etc. This system also set warnings for sharp curves, speed limit changes, and many more. One can view warning distance and display preferences set by this navigation system. A driver will also get over-the-air map updates. It is capable of multiple operative functions. This device will also provide HOS alerts and warnings. It also comes with a sturdy magnetic mount and its improved features let a driver use it for a long time and in a convenient manner. Try this device for a better trip on the road.

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

It is a suitable navigating device for large vehicles. It has regular updated Canada and USA maps, which tell the right roads for a truck at no cost. It is equipped with specialized routing for dangerous cargo. This device comes with an ideal vehicle size, max speed, and weight so that a truck can reach comfortably and also on time. It is possible to avail the TomTom services for a lifetime with this device. This device can be used for trucks, cars, vans, and buses when it comes to routing. Its TomTom traffic feature with the help of Bluetooth can help you ignore traffic jams by knowing your accurate arrival times.

One can drive safer as he can know when to break due to jam tail warnings. This device can give updates and service refreshes via Wi-Fi due to its inbuilt TomTom Trucker sat nav Wi-Fi. Its touchscreen is 6 inch in size with active magnetic mount. It can display instructions and information clearly on the sunlight-readable and high-brightness screen. You can do hands-free calls and receive smartphone messages via Bluetooth, it will improve the road safety. It has large vehicle POIs, which tells you where to fuel up the vehicle, service your vehicle, and take a rest. This GPS has a full knowledge of more than 1500 fuel stations, service centers, and parking locations for a wide range of large vehicles. It is compatible with Google and Siri, you just need to activate and talk by tapping a button with a microphone.

TomTom Go 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

It is a smarter, better, and faster GPS device. It is Wi-Fi compatible, which lets you update without the use of a computer. There are different features of this GPS device, which includes Mydrive cloud app, hands-free calling, etc. Using voice-controlled hands-free calling can help you stay connected without moving your smartphone. One can get important updates via smartphone messages safely. This device also gives info about free maps and traffic updates. Its real-time updates from drivers provide you with extremely accurate traffic data and allow smart routes around hold-ups. This most powerful GPS device can learn your driving habits. This way, you can save your precious time by calculating destinations.

Just start up and plan routes when you have this device in your truck and you will get lightning fast trip. It can be docked into a unique magnetic mount to start your way in just a couple of seconds. One can use it with Google and Siri because of its compatibility. With its built-in microphone, you can get complete access to your personal assistant by connecting it with your phone without any trouble, which saves your battery life. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to explore the world of driving and reach another level of riding, just use this navigation system and let it sync your road trips using its wide range of features. The best thing about this device is that it gives you information related to your frequent trips saved in ‘my places.’ buy this GPS now.

Introduction to GPS Navigation

GPS is abbreviated as Global Positioning System, which is all about triangulating the location of a device via signals bouncing back from 24 geosynchronous satellite’s network. It is only the GPS system that can predict the location in real-time along with speed and direction. When anyone enters his destination, the GPS starts calculating the shortest route from his current location by keeping many factors into account, such as constriction, traffic information, and road closures. One will get new routes when turns are missed due to any reason or if there is an unexpected traffic. This GPS system works for every small vehicle, but if we are considering GPS navigation systems for large vehicles like trucks, then you should focus on a truck-specific GPS system.

How a Truck GPS is Different?

A truck GPS can do everything a consumer solution can and even much better. When a trucker enters the specifications of a truck such as height, weight, etc., then such data is processed against a database where the truck-related facts are stored including weight restrictions, bridge heights, and many others. This way, a trucker can take the right route and can avoid that route, where an issue is present or will be in future. Such GPS navigation systems particularly designed for trucks can help you recognize rest stop, as well as parking information right in front of you. Using such systems you can get support to plan your compliant routes right on the go.

How a Truck GPS Navigation System is Helpful?

When you use a truck GPS into your truck, then it is quite evident that you will receive a list of benefits, which may include:

  • The chance of accidents may get reduced because of staying off roads with steep declines, low bridges, and tight corners.
  • With the route optimization, a driver will use less fuel with a little wear and tear on a truck or any other large vehicle. This way, there will be a boosted customer satisfaction via enhanced on-time percentages.
  • The major benefit of using a truck GPS is that the compliance will be enhanced. It is because a truck-specific GPS can take you away from those roads, where the weight limit can be exceeded and also HazMat rules need to be taken. Also, you can proactively plan truck parking or rest stops to keep HOS or ELD compliant.
  • Drivers get traffic alerts so that they can diver to other roads that make them reach their destination on time. Truck GPS systems are bound to provide the latest information about weather updates, road construction sites, traffic accident locations, detours, as well as other delays. Avoiding complex highways makes your ride comfortable.
  • The most important thing is that some truck GPS systems are equipped with driver assist features, which include truck stops, weigh stations, rest stops, eateries, repair and towing services, lodging, and emergency health care services. This way, truckers can get all they want in just a single device, which has multiple functions.

Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Of course, the needs and preferences may vary from one person to another when it comes to buying a truck GPS system. But there are some interesting features you must beware of so that you can find an accurate and worthy GPS system for your truck. These are:

  • Vehicle Class/Size : It is important to know the size and class of your vehicle such as a truck. The reason is that many bridges and roads have limitations for weight, width, height, and class of different vehicles. After knowing the vehicle size and class, you can easily look for a GPS system that can allow you to ignore bridges and roads, which may have some bridge and overpass restrictions. Such GPS systems will give you accurate info upon entering the size and class of your truck. 
  • Speeding : It is one of the essential factors to consider because it is too much dangerous and speeding tickets affect your CSA score. With a GPS navigation system in your truck, you can keep yourself posted with speeding alerts on roads.
  • Multiple Truck Profiles : There may be a variety of truck GPS navigation systems that can handle multiple profiles. This feature is important for those drivers who work for a carrier and want to get benefit from a slip-seating operation.
  • HazMat : When there is HazMat in your truck, there may be some extra route restrictions you need to follow. Your truck restrictions may be different from other trucks. Get a truck GPS system that has this feature.

Such features are important to take into account. Apart from others, the best truck GPS system must give traffic updates and alerts regarding traffic accidents, detours, road constructions, and delays. A GPS for trucks may give industry-specific coordinates so that a driver can locate truck stops, truck parking, towing, weigh stations, and repair. A GPS system you choose must tell you about the rest stops healthcare facilities, lodging, and other things. 

There may be additional features to seek in a truck GPS navigation system including large and high-resolution display, Bluetooth, good sound quality, state line crossing alerts, lane assistance, screen splitting features to tell about off-ramps (aerial directions on one sideways and ramp that can be seen from the seat of a driver), lifetime & over-the-air updates at no extra cost, etc. When you have such info in your hands, you will be going to compare different truck GPS navigation systems on the basis of these varieties of factors. This way, you can discover the best truck GPS system at a perfect price. Make sure you never compromise the quality of a truck GPS on the basis of the cost. This is why getting familiar with them is all you need to do.

Truck GPS Reviews

It is also good if you inquire about a truck GPS system from a manufacturer or a dealer where you want to buy it from. Searching online is the best thing you can do to know more about truck GPS systems from different brands. When you search online, you may come across thousands of reviews from real customers, who post their reviews on a variety of review sites. On the web, you can see many review sites, where you can come to know about the experience of recent users.

Many online shopping portals sell a wide range of truck GPS navigation systems for different trucks and other vehicles. On these sites also, you can see reviews posted by real users, where they reveal that they are happy or not with these systems. In this manner, you can get an idea of everything you need to look for in a truck GPS system. Lots of brands and companies are there in the USA market, from where you can purchase such systems at a great price range. The internet is the one and only place where you can avail a huge variety of truck GPS systems at different prices and you have a chance to compare all of them to get the ideal one. The below-mentioned is the list of some top-rated truck GPS systems that are in a great demand all over the world, especially in the USA.


Best Garmin Truck Gps

Best Garmin for Truckers : Buyers Guide 2021

There is no doubt that technology is ruling the world of humans making challenges and everyday life easy for us. When it comes to directions the first thing that comes to our mind is smartphones which are built with features and gears that perfectly suit this kind of work. But when it comes to GPS for automobiles running on the roads only Best Garmin for Truckers is all that they need. If you have the best GPS systems installed in your trucks things are going to be quite easy for you. These systems not only show you the information about roads you need to travel but also provide information about the roads which are inaccessible for the trucks. If you are looking forward to installing a brand new highly useful GPS system then this buying guide is all you need to go through till the end.


What are the benefits of installing the best GPS System?

Well, there are thousands of brands and models out there which can easily leave you in a confused state.  On the other hand, many might be thinking why I need a GPS system when I have a highly expensive Smartphone then below mentioned perks must not be ignored.

Truck-specific Access Information

A truck driver GPS Garmin device includes all the valuable information about your truck and this facility is not available with a Smartphone of course. The information like roads that are accessible for trucks, speed limits, weight limits on specific roads is easily provided by a truck GPS system.

Save Money and Time

If you are a professional trucker then you realize that time is money and for which you need to reach your destination on time. If you will have a GPS system in your truck you will be able to access routes that will help you reach quickly than other roads. Delays can make you lose money but a good GPS system will calculate the shortest routes and you will reach your destination faster saving your time and money both.

Reliable Services

Paper maps are no more in trends and smartphones have their limits so a GPS system on your truck will be a more reliable system, why? Because it runs on the battery of your truck which means a connection on which you can rely on. It will work even after one hour of unplugging it. For information check out Garmin truck GPS reviews to choose the best GPS device for your truck.

Accurate Maintenance Report

A GPS system will provide information that is related to your vehicles such as usage of fuel, hours driven, miles, tire mileage, and much more. This way you can track everything that will help in boosting the health of your vehicle and will also help in managing your vehicle more efficiently and effectively.

Best Garmin Truck Gps

Which Brand I must Look Into?

Well, there are plenty of options you are going to get but GARMIN is among the best ones in which you can invest. Accompany founded in 1989 that produces marine, automotive, outdoor recreation, fitness, wireless and aviation products. GARMIN is the global leader in navigation technology and produces high-quality GPS systems. Garmin GPS for trucks best buy has many models and below are the two excellent models.  Loaded with plenty of amazing features that will make trucker’s life easy and hassle-free on the roads. Its popular products are sold like hotcakes and are the number one choice of the truckers.  They are not only productive but also affordable and of course a lifetime investment.

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S 7 GPS Truck Navigator

With this GARMIN model, you will get 7 inches screen that is best for big trucks and you get a touch screen for easy navigation. Along with a pretty screen, you also get features like voice control, premium mapping, and advanced connectivity features. It has a powerful magnetic mount which you can mount or remove as per your necessity. This GPS device lets you connected, updated on track, and alert when you are on the road for a long time. It has a customized routing feature with high resolution and pinch to zoom features.

It comes preloaded with the maps and route warnings like steep grades, the height of the bridges, and steep grades that are helpful when you are on highways and busy roads. It is user-friendly and you get every piece of information with just one touch. There is a free map application for your androids and iPhones along with weather reports and traffic information on your Smartphone. You can also invest in premium content and reap advantages like traffic camera images, weather data, and much more. It also comes with a full USA warranty which means if anything goes wrong you get free assistance from the company.

Garmin DezlCam 785 LMT-S 7-Inches Advanced Truck Navigator

Garmin DezlCam 785 LMT-S 7-Inches Advanced Truck Navigator is all that you need if you spend your time making money traveling on roads.  With its advanced feature, you can complete your journey without any hassle. It keeps you safe on the road with its lane departure and forward collision; it also has a built-in slot for micro SD in case you need to save additional data. It is having Bluetooth to support smartphones, a voice-activated navigator, and a microphone for hands-free calling.

Other Features Include

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Speed limit indicator
  • Custom truck routing
  • Hands-free calling
  • 7" screen with a magnetic mount  
  • Easy break planning
  • Free lifetime map traffic updates
  • Display street junctions signs
  • Active lane guidance

There are many other features with the Garmin DezlCam 785 LMT-S 7-Inches Advanced Truck Navigator. There are a wide array of notable features with Garmin GPS making it a compatible partner of your vehicle. There is no downside to this GPS device and will easily fit your budget. You can configure it easily because of its user-friendly features.  Its USB storage is compatible with many operating systems for variation.


Best Gps for Truckers 2021

Best GPS for Truckers 2021 - Buying Guide

Traveling is a hard job for everyone. When it comes to truck drivers, they spend most of the year on the roads. In the USA, the industry is too big and the demand for truck drivers cannot be explained in just a single sentence. Of course, trucking is one of the hardest tasks for drivers in the United States of America. Due to the development of technology, there are a variety of tools that can make their life easier and comfortable even on the roads. Today, we would like to discuss the most important tool truck drivers need every day. It is none other than trucking GPS units.,

A truck GPS unit is a package that allows a driver to stay away from traffic jams in too busy areas and missing their routes. Being a truck driver or an owner of the truck (if you own a truck business), you may deal with some problems while buying a truck GPS and installing it in a truck. However, there is nothing to worry about because the internet can help you with this without any trouble. There is a huge range of truck GPS units in the market, one can see, but which one is the best and reliable one, this decision cannot be made easily.

Best GPS for Truckers 2021


Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S, GPS Truck Navigator

This model is one of the favorite truck GPS units among truck drivers in 2021. There are a plenty of exciting features of this model that attracts buyers. The main thing is that it has a large 7-inch screen and its rugged design makes it comfortable to use. It tends to offer crystal clear maps, traffic alerts, and directions. This premium truck navigation system with a powered magnetic mount is a reliable one to opt for. The best part about this model is that it has free live services to offer, which may include weather and traffic. These free live services come into effect when you download the Smartphone Link app on your smartphone and make sure that your smartphone must be compatible with this app and it is free of cost.

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Getting custom truck routing is easy with this model and it works according to the load, weight, and size of your truck and it gives notifications for upcoming steep grades, sharp curves, and bridge heights. You can plan your route with Easy Break Planning and it offers timely alerts along with a Truck & Trailer Services Directory that is organized according to the amenity or brand. Its built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth hands-free calling, and smart notifications are its enticing features.

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation

It is another perfect truck GPS unit to consider. When you buy this model, it is expected to have different interesting features, which may include truck-specific navigation, accurate mapping system, customized warnings, advanced lane guidance, advanced trip planning, free lifetime map updates, hours of service alerts, satellite radio, etc. Its 7-inch High Definition Screen makes it an ideal option for those who need bigger screens to get clear information regarding anything. Planning a trip will become easier for you. You just need to put in the right address or coordinates of your desired location on the GPS and you will come up with two routes including alternate and fastest routes.

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Once it calculates the routes, you will also receive an estimation of how much fuel is required to reach via a particular route based on the miles per gallon of your truck along with the fuel cost. For the fastest route, you will be going to save money on fuel. Apart from that, it will also notify you about the truck services, truck centers, CAT scales, parking spots, and weight or border stations along with your destination. It also features 2 USB ports, satellite radio, Bluetooth, driver logging monitoring system, and an audio output port.

Garmin dezl OTR700

When it comes to a truck-friendly GPS unit, it is one of the perfect models to choose from. Due to its 7 inch touchscreen with a crisp, bright and high-resolution display, it makes viewing and reading easier. If you love custom truck routing, then it will be the best thing to buy, but make sure you know that custom truck routing cannot be accessed in all areas, rather than it is based on your truck’s weight and size. This way, you will get alerts for approaching bridge heights, sharp curves, etc. It is going to give parking information for your truck while on the route.

Its preloaded Truck & Trailer Services Directory lets you find out truck stops based on the amenities or brands. It provides industry-best guidance for the load to dock and helps you know the potential loading zones or storage lots. You can also navigate new areas followed by your fellow truckers and it helps in the increase in situational awareness. With its voice assistant feature, you can talk to it without touching it. You can enjoy free hours of Service Recording by pairing the Garmin eLog with the Garmin eLog app on a tablet or a smartphone to finish your ELD compliance solution.

Why should you Buy a Truck GPS?

Before you start searching for the best truck GPS, are you aware of its necessity or reason to buy it? If not, then make it clear first. Truck drivers may benefit from a truck GPS unit in many different ways. These are:

  • Using a truck GPS can reduce the chance of getting lost somewhere on highways or roads.
  • It adds more confidence in drivers, especially when they are on a route where they have never been before.
  • In trucking, a driver needs to deliver goods or load right on the time. Here, a truck GPS is of greater importance. It will help drivers to stay attentive on schedule on a daily basis. This is why you can make your job full of enjoyment and excitement.
  • It will prevent you from getting indulged in higher traffic jams and going on the roads, where a delay can occur due to weather changes, constructions, or any other reason.
  • There is no need to check a physical map if you have a truck-specific GPS unit because it will deliver map updates right in front of you on its high-resolution screen.
  • At the same time, it will also provide info about fuel logging.

So, these are some interesting benefits of a truck GPS unit you can get. Now, another thing is how to buy the best one as there are lots of options to choose from. Make sure you look into all major features of a truck GPS before buying so that you cannot end up with a wrong decision. To check its features, you need to know what its features are. These are:

  • Delivering info related to updates
  • Well-lit screen
  • Fuel logging
  • Different trucking options
  • Detailed mapping
  • Syncing to smartphones and apps

Checking its features is not enough to make the right decision. It would be better if you review some top-rated truck GPS units by going online. On the web, you can find many review sites, which explain the benefits and drawbacks of each model from different brands. This way, you can come to know more about and it will help you to purchase a reliable one that will suit your demands and needs.


Best Truck Navigation

How To Find The Best Truck Navigation Unit?

Do you want to get the most out of your trucking experience? Have you installed a truck-specific GPS in your truck? If not, then you are actually missing the fun. Navigating roads efficiently is a key component if you are willing to enhance your truck experience. At the same time, there are other things as well. Realizing how to head towards your destination, where to stop for fuel, rest, or parking at night, and which roads to avoid is vital to consider. Being a truck driver, you need to concentrate on such things.

Best Truck Navigation


Truck GPS, a Necessity

No matter whether you are an owner/operator of a trucking business or you have a fleet of trucks that need to be managed, it is important to have a truck GPS. This tool needs to be present in your truck if you actually want to save your time and money. Without this tool, it is common to miss the turns, get lost somewhere, run into traffic, or approach routes where your truck does not fit in to enter. But on the other hand, if you have a truck GPS, then navigation is going to become simpler and smoother. Simultaneously, such truck GPS navigation systems provide enhanced efficiency, safety, fuel logging, time-savings, and peace of mind. Of course, the best gps truck tracking system is a worthy investment to consider.


If you have already decided to switch to a truck GPS, then it is the good decision you have ever made. But you need to take some important things into mind.  All you need to do is to check the features of a truck GPS model you are considering to buy. The reason is that there is a huge array of truck GPS units from many manufacturers with a variety of models, having their own unique features. But every model must have basic or common features, which are mentioned below:

  • Detailed Mapping : A truck GPS must provide clear directions regarding where to do or how much time you will take to reach your destination. Of course, a truck GPS can also provide estimated fuel and toll road costs, while allowing drivers to plan routes with suitable truck stops and interest points right on the way.
  • Driver-assist Features : Consider buying a truck GPS, which can give truck-specific information correctly. This info may include repair services, rest stops, tow services, weigh stops, etc. There must be lane assistance provided by a truck GPS.
  • Alerts on Traffic : A truck GPS can help you avoid getting stuck in traffic because of timely alerts given by it. It must provide real-time traffic updates to prevent accidents, missing road-like situations, delays due to weather, construction on roads.
  • Conservation of Fuels : While staying on roads for extended periods of time, your expenses may be going to get increased. In fact, a fuel-efficient truck can save time and money. But if you do not have it, then it can take a toll on your expenses. This is why investing in the best gps truck tracking system will avoid increased fuel costs as it is going to tell you speed limits and when you need to fill up your truck in advance.

Trip logging, approved roadways, fleet management, connectivity with Wi-Fi, speakers, Bluetooth, smartphones, and hands-free voice control are its some additional features to look for. Some excellent models are explained below:

Garmin Drive 60 USA LM GPS Navigator System

Garmin is the incontrovertible innovator in GPS routing devices of different types, especially when it comes to transportable automobile GPS navigation units. And this model is the best gps truck tracking system, which provides the driver with alerts regarding upcoming sharp curves, school zones, speed changes, a fatigue warning, nearby speed cameras, and red lights. This easy-to-use and dedicated GPS for trucks can display the current speed, street, limit of speed, and arrival time. It offers real-time directions, using its identifiable traffic lights, buildings, and landmarks. It has pre-loaded data from Foursquare that will add millions of popular and new stores and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

This Garmin 6” truck GPS unit with WVGA color TFT screen and the white backlight, has direct access to selected complicated destinations including airports and malls that help to simplify the navigation. And the best thing is that it has lifetime map updates of the USA for free.

TomTom Go 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

Another leader in the world of GPS navigation systems is TomTom. This 6” GPS navigation device lets you view updates while connected to Wi-Fi. These updates may be regarding anything like software and maps. It is also going to give insanely accurate traffic information, with which you can smartly plan routes and destinations around traffic. The major thing you will like about this truck GPS navigation unit is that it has a compatibility with Google and Siri. This way, you can get benefited from any of these just by activating them, and tapping a button and utilizing the microphone on your truck GPS unit. Due to the hands-free calling feature, you can focus on driving with concentration. There is no need to keep your phone in your hands. The Destination Prediction will predict where you often visit as it can learn your driving habits and frequent places you are visiting.

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Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Best GPS for Truck Drivers [Best Buying Guide]

Undoubtedly, modern technology has simplified everything we have been in, irrespective of the field. There are lots of handy devices, which can make our life simpler and smoother. When it comes to truckers, they can also depend on many things that can help them make their route easy and without troubles. A common GPS can help a commuter to reach his destination on time without any restriction, routing the areas via navigation. Similarly, a truck GPS works for truck drivers and navigate them through the route. The major specialty of these truck GPS Navigation Systems over other devices is their human friendliness and their correctness in routing the travel.

Using a smartphone GPS System you can’t render the particular details, but this truck GPS can provide you accurate info about the routes, traffic alerts, rest stops, parking details, and the list goes on. A smartphone GPS system might get disturbed during a call or a notification. But a truck-specific GPS is the best thing you can use in a truck.

Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

As compared to others, it is one of the premium truck navigators in the market that has a 7 inch large screen with powered magnetic mount. It gives you map updates with accuracy. Apart from that, there are free live services for you in this best garmin truck gps that may include traffic and weather, these are available to you when you download the free Smartphone Link App on your friendly smartphone. It is also going to give you custom route tracking according to the load, weight, and size of your truck. At the same time, you will receive alerts for upcoming sharp curves, bridge heights, steep grades, and much more. Its easy break planning feature with timely notifications will make you amazed. You can also search anything by brand or amenity because of Truck and Trailer Services Directory. It lets you control it with your voice and also benefits with hands-free calling, built-in Wi-Fi, and smart notifications without a computer.

TomTom via 1525SE 5 Inch GPS Navigation Device

This truck navigator offers traffic updates with preciseness. When you want to have map updates, it will not make you feel embarrassed as it has a complete list of the map updates of the USA. And even there is no need to paying any money while having map updates. A trucker can also enjoy free software updates. You just need to connect it to your computer regularly if you want to receive free software updates, which may include new improvements and features. Its features including an advanced lane guidance helps you to clearly view which lane you need to take at key junctions. This way, it prevents sudden accidents because of no missed turns or sudden lane changes. It has a 5 inch touchscreen display along with split screen junction viewing feature. You can listen to instructions in more than thirty different languages.

For more info, start searching online and seek an ideal cheap truck GPS now.

Difference Between Smartphone and Truck GPS Systems

  • Easy to Install : Of course, a smartphone GPS can be easily installed but you need to do on your own. On the other hand, a best truck gps navigation can be installed by just following simple instructions but guidance is being given by an expert. All you need to do is to request the distributor to bring some expert guidance while delivering the product.
  • Fleet Tracking : For a vehicle business, it is important to track vehicles fleet. Using a truck GPS can help you to monitor the route, speed, idle time of a vehicle and guide you to the right way. This way, you can save on fuel expenses.
  • Speed Posting : A truck GPS can make you inform about the road while traveling along with the speed limit on a particular route and speed of your vehicle. This will make you stay from speeding up beyond the speed limits and avoid dangers.
  • Quality Service : These systems have inbuilt features, which track every action of a driver. This way, you can get excellent quality service to your customers.
  • Controlled fuel costs : With a truck GPS system, a trucker can reduce or control the cost of fuel as you and vehicle are both under your supervision.
  • Alert Notifications : In a truck GPS, you can get notified about all the details of your vehicle with complete understanding under surveillance. It is capable of giving notifications about any kind of violations by a driver. You will get a report on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The usage of a trucker gps amazon will not only avoid uncertainties, but also make sure the security and safety of the driver. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your truck GPS navigation system in your truck and start having a safe and sound trip. It is also going to enhance the behavior of a driver as he will be going to stay under complete surveillance every hour.

You may have hard time in selecting an ideal truck GPS system that may work for you and your truck as well. This is why there are two exciting options mentioned below that you can get easily in the USA market.

>>> Best Truck GPS [Unbiased Buying Guide]