Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Best GPS for Truck Drivers [Best Buying Guide]

Undoubtedly, modern technology has simplified everything we have been in, irrespective of the field. There are lots of handy devices, which can make our life simpler and smoother. When it comes to truckers, they can also depend on many things that can help them make their route easy and without troubles. A common GPS can help a commuter to reach his destination on time without any restriction, routing the areas via navigation. Similarly, a truck GPS works for truck drivers and navigate them through the route. The major specialty of these truck GPS Navigation Systems over other devices is their human friendliness and their correctness in routing the travel.

Using a smartphone GPS System you can’t render the particular details, but this truck GPS can provide you accurate info about the routes, traffic alerts, rest stops, parking details, and the list goes on. A smartphone GPS system might get disturbed during a call or a notification. But a truck-specific GPS is the best thing you can use in a truck.

Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

As compared to others, it is one of the premium truck navigators in the market that has a 7 inch large screen with powered magnetic mount. It gives you map updates with accuracy. Apart from that, there are free live services for you in this best garmin truck gps that may include traffic and weather, these are available to you when you download the free Smartphone Link App on your friendly smartphone. It is also going to give you custom route tracking according to the load, weight, and size of your truck. At the same time, you will receive alerts for upcoming sharp curves, bridge heights, steep grades, and much more. Its easy break planning feature with timely notifications will make you amazed. You can also search anything by brand or amenity because of Truck and Trailer Services Directory. It lets you control it with your voice and also benefits with hands-free calling, built-in Wi-Fi, and smart notifications without a computer.

TomTom via 1525SE 5 Inch GPS Navigation Device

This truck navigator offers traffic updates with preciseness. When you want to have map updates, it will not make you feel embarrassed as it has a complete list of the map updates of the USA. And even there is no need to paying any money while having map updates. A trucker can also enjoy free software updates. You just need to connect it to your computer regularly if you want to receive free software updates, which may include new improvements and features. Its features including an advanced lane guidance helps you to clearly view which lane you need to take at key junctions. This way, it prevents sudden accidents because of no missed turns or sudden lane changes. It has a 5 inch touchscreen display along with split screen junction viewing feature. You can listen to instructions in more than thirty different languages.

For more info, start searching online and seek an ideal cheap truck GPS now.

Difference Between Smartphone and Truck GPS Systems

  • Easy to Install : Of course, a smartphone GPS can be easily installed but you need to do on your own. On the other hand, a best truck gps navigation can be installed by just following simple instructions but guidance is being given by an expert. All you need to do is to request the distributor to bring some expert guidance while delivering the product.
  • Fleet Tracking : For a vehicle business, it is important to track vehicles fleet. Using a truck GPS can help you to monitor the route, speed, idle time of a vehicle and guide you to the right way. This way, you can save on fuel expenses.
  • Speed Posting : A truck GPS can make you inform about the road while traveling along with the speed limit on a particular route and speed of your vehicle. This will make you stay from speeding up beyond the speed limits and avoid dangers.
  • Quality Service : These systems have inbuilt features, which track every action of a driver. This way, you can get excellent quality service to your customers.
  • Controlled fuel costs : With a truck GPS system, a trucker can reduce or control the cost of fuel as you and vehicle are both under your supervision.
  • Alert Notifications : In a truck GPS, you can get notified about all the details of your vehicle with complete understanding under surveillance. It is capable of giving notifications about any kind of violations by a driver. You will get a report on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The usage of a trucker gps amazon will not only avoid uncertainties, but also make sure the security and safety of the driver. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your truck GPS navigation system in your truck and start having a safe and sound trip. It is also going to enhance the behavior of a driver as he will be going to stay under complete surveillance every hour.

You may have hard time in selecting an ideal truck GPS system that may work for you and your truck as well. This is why there are two exciting options mentioned below that you can get easily in the USA market.

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