Best Gps for Truckers 2022

Best GPS for Truckers 2022 - Buying Guide

Traveling is a hard job for everyone. When it comes to truck drivers, they spend most of the year on the roads. In the USA, the industry is too big and the demand for truck drivers cannot be explained in just a single sentence. Of course, trucking is one of the hardest tasks for drivers in the United States of America. Due to the development of technology, there are a variety of tools that can make their life easier and comfortable even on the roads. Today, we would like to discuss the most important tool truck drivers need every day. It is none other than trucking GPS units.,

A truck GPS unit is a package that allows a driver to stay away from traffic jams in too busy areas and missing their routes. Being a truck driver or an owner of the truck (if you own a truck business), you may deal with some problems while buying a truck GPS and installing it in a truck. However, there is nothing to worry about because the internet can help you with this without any trouble. There is a huge range of truck GPS units in the market, one can see, but which one is the best and reliable one, this decision cannot be made easily.

Best GPS for Truckers 2021


Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S, GPS Truck Navigator

This model is one of the favorite truck GPS units among truck drivers in 2021. There are a plenty of exciting features of this model that attracts buyers. The main thing is that it has a large 7-inch screen and its rugged design makes it comfortable to use. It tends to offer crystal clear maps, traffic alerts, and directions. This premium truck navigation system with a powered magnetic mount is a reliable one to opt for. The best part about this model is that it has free live services to offer, which may include weather and traffic. These free live services come into effect when you download the Smartphone Link app on your smartphone and make sure that your smartphone must be compatible with this app and it is free of cost.

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Getting custom truck routing is easy with this model and it works according to the load, weight, and size of your truck and it gives notifications for upcoming steep grades, sharp curves, and bridge heights. You can plan your route with Easy Break Planning and it offers timely alerts along with a Truck & Trailer Services Directory that is organized according to the amenity or brand. Its built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth hands-free calling, and smart notifications are its enticing features.

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation

It is another perfect truck GPS unit to consider. When you buy this model, it is expected to have different interesting features, which may include truck-specific navigation, accurate mapping system, customized warnings, advanced lane guidance, advanced trip planning, free lifetime map updates, hours of service alerts, satellite radio, etc. Its 7-inch High Definition Screen makes it an ideal option for those who need bigger screens to get clear information regarding anything. Planning a trip will become easier for you. You just need to put in the right address or coordinates of your desired location on the GPS and you will come up with two routes including alternate and fastest routes.

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Once it calculates the routes, you will also receive an estimation of how much fuel is required to reach via a particular route based on the miles per gallon of your truck along with the fuel cost. For the fastest route, you will be going to save money on fuel. Apart from that, it will also notify you about the truck services, truck centers, CAT scales, parking spots, and weight or border stations along with your destination. It also features 2 USB ports, satellite radio, Bluetooth, driver logging monitoring system, and an audio output port.

Garmin dezl OTR700

When it comes to a truck-friendly GPS unit, it is one of the perfect models to choose from. Due to its 7 inch touchscreen with a crisp, bright and high-resolution display, it makes viewing and reading easier. If you love custom truck routing, then it will be the best thing to buy, but make sure you know that custom truck routing cannot be accessed in all areas, rather than it is based on your truck’s weight and size. This way, you will get alerts for approaching bridge heights, sharp curves, etc. It is going to give parking information for your truck while on the route.

Its preloaded Truck & Trailer Services Directory lets you find out truck stops based on the amenities or brands. It provides industry-best guidance for the load to dock and helps you know the potential loading zones or storage lots. You can also navigate new areas followed by your fellow truckers and it helps in the increase in situational awareness. With its voice assistant feature, you can talk to it without touching it. You can enjoy free hours of Service Recording by pairing the Garmin eLog with the Garmin eLog app on a tablet or a smartphone to finish your ELD compliance solution.

Why should you Buy a Truck GPS?

Before you start searching for the best truck GPS, are you aware of its necessity or reason to buy it? If not, then make it clear first. Truck drivers may benefit from a truck GPS unit in many different ways. These are:

  • Using a truck GPS can reduce the chance of getting lost somewhere on highways or roads.
  • It adds more confidence in drivers, especially when they are on a route where they have never been before.
  • In trucking, a driver needs to deliver goods or load right on the time. Here, a truck GPS is of greater importance. It will help drivers to stay attentive on schedule on a daily basis. This is why you can make your job full of enjoyment and excitement.
  • It will prevent you from getting indulged in higher traffic jams and going on the roads, where a delay can occur due to weather changes, constructions, or any other reason.
  • There is no need to check a physical map if you have a truck-specific GPS unit because it will deliver map updates right in front of you on its high-resolution screen.
  • At the same time, it will also provide info about fuel logging.

So, these are some interesting benefits of a truck GPS unit you can get. Now, another thing is how to buy the best one as there are lots of options to choose from. Make sure you look into all major features of a truck GPS before buying so that you cannot end up with a wrong decision. To check its features, you need to know what its features are. These are:

  • Delivering info related to updates
  • Well-lit screen
  • Fuel logging
  • Different trucking options
  • Detailed mapping
  • Syncing to smartphones and apps

Checking its features is not enough to make the right decision. It would be better if you review some top-rated truck GPS units by going online. On the web, you can find many review sites, which explain the benefits and drawbacks of each model from different brands. This way, you can come to know more about and it will help you to purchase a reliable one that will suit your demands and needs.



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